Our field is the village of Boiffo in northern Benin among the Dendi people. Northern Benin is the least developed part of the country, and people in the town of Boiffo where we will be working do not have access to electricity and live in homes made from mud that has been dried into bricks. The Dendi are more than 99% Muslim, but incorporate into their religious rituals elements of traditional African religions such as ancestor worship and fear of evil spirits. Good medical care is very difficult to obtain and many people live for years with easily treatable medical conditions. The local Dendi people in Boiffo estimate that one in five children die before reaching adulthood. Farming is the most common source of livelihood among the Dendi.

Additional missions-related information about the Dendi is available from the Joshua Project

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Clinic Construction
Progress on the clinic building where we expect to serve. (August 2015)