Pastor Isaac and Josué outside the dispensary that the church ministered from before the opening of the medical clinic

A history of the beginning of the medical ministry in Boiffo, written in May 2017

About 6 years ago, due to overwhelming medical needs in the village and the loss of many children (including Pastor Isaac’s son) to malaria and other curable illnesses, Pastor Isaac and the church in Boiffo had begun looking for ways to help meet the medical needs in their village. They began using a motorcycle as an ambulance to transport sick patients to the nearest clinic, and they teamed up with Josué (a Christian nurse who grew up in Boiffo but works 3 hours away in a mission hospital) to hire a medical aid to start a dispensary with very few resources to sell medicines and treat common medical conditions. Their vision was to use these much-needed medical services to serve as a testimony for the Lord in their area, within a tribe in which Christians make up less than 0.1% of the population. In 2012, a visiting medical team from Grace Dental and Medical Missions came to the area for the first time and treated over 1000 patients, nearly all of whom heard a clear presentation of the gospel. In the words of missionary Colin Ovenell at that time:
“The overall response was phenomenal. Testimonials are flowing in the surrounding villages of how compassionate Christians are. We are stopped regularly in town as individuals profess their gratitude for care received. This past Sunday we experienced the greatest turnout in our local churches that we have seen in decades, many are "exploring" the way of Christians.”
All parties involved (the local church in Boiffo, Faith Baptist Mission, and Grace Dental and Medical Missions) agreed at that time that God was clearly directing them to work toward expanding the medical ministry into a full-time evangelistic clinic in Boiffo that could accomodate teams of visiting specialists to teach and provide medical services, with a view toward reaching the lost for Christ and establishing local churches .

Both before and after our wedding in October 2013, we had been traveling on occasional short evangelistic medical ministry trips. Since the wedding, we had been praying together daily that God would show us clearly whether He would have Steve continue full time work in a US hospital, or whether we should spend more time in medical ministry once his initial 2-year work contract ended. By the summer of 2014, we agreed together that if God showed us a place with serious medical and spiritual needs and a pastor or missionary with whom we could work, we would seriously consider whether the Lord might be leading us to serve there full time. Right around that time, we were asked to serve on a 2 week evangelistic medical ministry trip in Benin that December (2014). On that trip, both of us quickly and independently reached the conclusion that God might be calling us to return to serve full time, as we both saw there the things we had been praying about. After returning to the US, we prayed daily about it together for a month, and in January 2015 we officially committed to go.

In the past 2.5 years, God has provided financially for us to go and has allowed us to spend 9 months in language school in France. He has allowed the local church in Boiffo to identify several personnel to serve in the clinic. He has guided the construction on the clinic building and adjacent housing to progress to near completion. He has supplied large amounts of medicine and supplies to be obtained and shipped to Boiffo. He has orchestrated many details, too numerous to list here. The evangelistic medical ministry is scheduled to start seeing patients in July, and the official opening ceremony is scheduled for August 12th, 2017. It is an awesome thing to be part of what God is doing!