• The medical ministry has been open full-time since August 14th, 2017
    and is treating over 200 patients per week.

  • The good news of salvation is being proclaimed daily and we are
    encouraged by the response - salvation, church visitors, and
    a powerful testimony for the Lord in this area.

  • Our ultrasound and X-ray machines have been a great blessing and
    we are currently the only health care facility in our region that can provide
    certain medical services such as X-rays and casting of broken bones.

  • Items for prayer include God's preparation of additional Beninese
    medical staff, challenges in obtaining needed medicines and supplies,
    our desire for increased ability to follow up those who express interest
    in the gospel but live far away, and plans to expand medical services
    in Boiffo and to start medical ministries in surrounding villages. Him here.

  • We no longer post our latest prayer letters here, but you can
    Contact Us to request an email copy.

  • You can also view our older prayer letter archives